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What you need to succeed on your first day of work.

The first day at your dream job is much like the start of high school or college – you feel like a little fish in a big pond. It can be quite overwhelming when joining a new company, a new team and yet, you need to be ready to make a good first impression, especially since what people first think of you matters more than you might think.


It may sound cliché but a smile goes a long way! A genuine smile will show you’re excited to be at the company and to join your new team.


An important thing to be mindful of is social cues from co-workers. Make sure you observe and respond to their tone and body language and adjust your mannerisms accordingly. It is very important that you maintain a friendly demeanour and always greet new co-workers with a smile, or with an introduction, if you have not met them yet. This will definitely help you to get you noticed. When you introduce yourself, be confident. Taking the initiative to introduce yourself to everyone you meet will not only leave a good impression, it will boost your confidence as well.


Something that will definitely help you feel at ease on your first day at work is to come prepared to talk about the company. Be prepared to have an intelligent conversation about the company, especially with your new team and managers. After all, you may have been hired partly because you took the time to learn about the company before your interview, but now that you have officially joined the company, before your first day, make sure to brush up on certain talking points – for example, the company’s goals, values, products and competitors.


Of course, you won’t be expected to know all the company jargon just yet, but do keep your ears open and have an active notebook to write down [new] information.


Which brings us to the next point and that it to listen and ask questions.

It’s perfectly acceptable to feel unsure about your role and about the company’s processes at first. After all, everyone that you meet has had a first day and everyone had needed help when they started. It will make you human to be humble and ask for help when you are not sure. The most important person you will learn from is arguably you new manager so take notes so you can refer back to them later. If you are not clear on what he or she is asking, ask questions until you are clear. Leave no uncertainty. If you have any doubts, you can also do a portion of what you are asked and then present it to your manager, asking, ‘Is this what you were looking for?’”


At the end of the long first day, it is best practice to send thank-you emails to those that helped you throughout the day. This is something that often is not done on the first day by many new hires, so make sure you stand out.

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