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Tony West, Founder & CEO

Leveraging International Early-Career Talent for Business Advantage in Silicon Valley

I’m proud to introduce ectalent, the company we founded in 2014 to take what we learned over more than two decades about how to source high-quality international early-career talent and implement it to benefit high-tech companies in Silicon Valley and beyond.

A Unique Approach

We find top early-career talent (ECT) candidates from the international talent pool and bring them to Silicon Valley client companies for extended placements. The results are remarkable: leveraging high-quality international talent delivers huge strategic business impact, and through refinement and repetition, we’ve optimized our processes to do this cost-effectively and repeatedly.

Our History

For over 20 years, we have focused on finding ECT software engineers to meet the needs of Silicon Valley clients engaged in software development. The approach we developed lends itself to creating a talent pipeline of international ECTs; particularly valuable for workforce globalization.

Remarkable Results

Because our program is extremely competitive, we can be super-selective. The result is clients get world-class, top-quality ECTs who combine deep competence, passion, commitment and a mindset to scale mountains and take on great challenges. Could you use a few of these ECTs?


Clients benefit from extraordinary talent at a great price. ECTs benefit from the opportunity of a lifetime: to come to learn, to develop their skills, to grow, and to work on challenging and strategic client projects in the mecca of tech.

Join Our Global Family

We’ve proven our strategy, methods, and processes through many hundreds of people, projects, and ECT placements for over 20 years.


Thank you for considering ectalent. It would be a privilege to work with you to grow our global family!

Tony West