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Why Apply

1. Gain hands-on industry work experience to complement your academic learning.

2. Deepen your technical skills and knowledge of the latest emerging technologies.

3. Experience first-hand the unique culture of the United States, and understand how it supports creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurialism.

4. There is no better place than Silicon Valley—the world’s epicenter of high-technology—to start your career!

Do You Meet These Qualifications?

You are able to move to Silicon Valley for 12- or 18-months.


You are available to start your client placement within 4 months after accepting an offer.

You are a currently-enrolled university student studying for a STEM degree that includes a significant amount of software development


You have completed a Bachelors and/or Master’s degree or equivalent, e.g. Engineering Diploma.

If you qualify, we invite you to apply soon. You may apply any time during the year.


Application process

Step 1

Complete the online application

Step 2

Initial interview by ectalent staff (within 2 weeks)

Step 3

Interview(s) with relevant client hiring managers

Step 4

If you are successful, Offer

Step 5

Visa process (6 weeks)

Step 6

USA arrival

ECTs testimonials


"Finding talent in the U.S. domestic talent pool is an extremely challenging proposition. Over the years, ectalent has really come through for us. They find great people who make a big contribution to our team."

Mark Elchinoff, CFO @ NGINX, Inc


"The ectalent program gave me the chance to live the Silicon Valley dream in the best way possible. I had the chance to work alongside some of the most brilliant minds in the world in cloud and AI technologies."

Jose Manzaneque, ECT Alumnus


“I’ve found ectalent’s ECT program to be an excellent addition to our traditional sourcing options for finding the best talent in the world!”

Dr. Jim Spohrer, Director, Cognitive Opentech Group @ IBM


"I definitely got my fair share of culture from baseball games to surfing after work. The work experience that I took back home with me has set me up for a stellar career in Computer Science."

Chris Watts, ECT Alumnus


“During my work placement with IBM, I was able to apply and build on my skills in analytics to the Watson Knowledge Graph, helping to improve their relationship ranking algorithms!”

Elizabeth Bowen, ECT Alumnus