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Our Silicon Valley placements are highly-competitive. If selected, you will enjoy many amazing benefits. Apply today!

High Tech Placement

We seek the world’s top early career talent and provide the opportunity for you to come to the United States to gain professional experience working with leading high-tech companies.

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Find out how our one-year early career talent high-tech placement program will help you attract the best talent the word has to offer.

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The best students and recent graduates from leading international Universities who

contribute to and gain experience from top high-tech companies in the United States.


Ectalent’s early-career talent 

  • High Talent Quality

    Close relationships with leading top international universities allow us to identify and source the best ECTs in the world

  • Significant Business Contribution

    ECTs work on strategic customer projects for a year and are empowered to make a significant contribution.

  • Housing Assistance

    Logistics and costs covered include: to/from transportation, housing assistance, salary benefits, etc.

  • High ROI

    High quality ECTs, extended duration (12 or 18 months); low total cost, high business contribution.

  • Low Risk

    Ectalent is build on 21 years of experience with ECT placements.

What people are saying about Ectalent

and the early career talent program

Blaga Milosheva

“Apart from learning about the industry, my Ectalent program in California allowed me to appreciate a great deal about US life and culture. I also learned a lot about myself and how to thrive and lead in an entrepreneurial environment.”

Blaga MiloshevaFormer ECT Program Participant.
Samantha Carty

“What an experience! My Ectalent program surpassed all of my expectations. Being provided with real challenges coupled with excellent training and support helped me to build the technical and life skills that I now use every day.”

Samantha CartyFormer ECT Program Participant.
Elizabeth Bowen

“I learned an incredible amount in my ect program last year. It helped me accelerate my career and understand how the high tech business in the US works.”

Elizabeth BowenFormer ECT Program Participant.
Paul Wozniak
“Ectalent’s program has been life changing! Working with world class engineers in Silicon Valley has not only greatly improved my ability to write code, but also completely redefined my approach to software engineering.”
Paul WozniakFormer ECT Program Participant.